The dances presented refer to the mores and practices of the Madeiran people in different leisure contexts, for example, in the pilgrimages, parties, social gatherings or in the work breaks. The first six dances of the Group’s repertoire were transmitted by Mr. Carlos Maria dos Santos, who was the first artistic director. Other dances are the outcome of researches and field collection.  Currently this repertoire totals 22 dances.


The GFCPC has in its repertoire several songs of popular flavor that can be distributed in different categories: work songs, religious songs, novels, songs of pastime, among others.

In the video, we can listen to “Cantiga do Berço”, by Fátima Pestana, recorded in the ambit of the project “A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria”.

Games and Plays

Popular games and plays have been collected by the Group over time. Many of them are revived every year during Lent, through the initiative “Traditional Lenten Games and Plays”. Other sung games are also performed on several occasions.