Since 1948 the Grupo Folclórico da Casa do Povo da Camacha (GFCPC) maintains uninterrupted activity. Focused on the mission of collecting, preserving and disseminating the traditional and popular culture of Madeira, several initiatives on and out of the stage have been developed. In addition to the more conventional presentations on stage, the GFCPC has sought to be aware of the uses, traditions and experiences surrounding, by involving and taking part in various manifestations of traditional and popular culture that still persist in the parish, and also, by recovering / recreating other initiatives.

On and out of the stage, the challenge has been to rethink how the ways of life of our ancestors have been represented and performatized nowadays, and what new approaches can be made. Another event that must be highlighted is the Gala de Folclore Maria Ascensão (Folk Festival), which is organized by the GFCPC.

On Stage

Folklore Festivals

Frequent participation in regional, national and international festivals.

Historical Recreations

"Vuiva, o brinco da serra", a recreation, in partnership with the Camacha Experimental Theater, which showed us the uses and traditions of yesteryear.

Public and Private Events

Acting in typical parties, hotels, private parties, are some examples.

Ethnographic Shows

Recreation of other times, where old lifestyles are represented.

Touristical Promotions

Promotion of Madeira destination.


Participation in radio and television programs, among others.

Out of Stage

Three Wise Men Celebration

From the 5th to the 6th of January, it is on that night that we celebrate the Magi day.


Participation in the carnival parades of Camacha and Trapalhão.

Traditional Lenten Games and Plays

An initiative that allows to revive games and plays of yesteryear.

Holy Spirit Festivities

Preparation and participation in Bread Procession, with habitual performance after.

Saint John the Baptist - Fountain decoration

Between bonfires and suppers, we also do the Fountain ornamentation.

"Romarias" (Pilgrimages)

From time to time, we go out in pilgrimage to the typical Madeira festivities.

Thanksgiving Day

Sometimes celebrated with acting and with "magusto" in solidarity institutions.

Sowing Wheat

In preparation for Christmas, the time comes when we sow wheat.

Traditional "Christmas Crib"

A legacy left by Elsa Nóbrega, which we insist on keeping alive.

Novena of Our Lady of the Expectation

Post-Mass animation, followed by a breakfast in partnership with the Casa do Povo.

Pilgrimage of Shepherds

Participation in the pilgrimages of shepherds on Christmas Eve.


Presentation of expositions based on ethnographic investigations.


Organization and participation in conferences with topics of interest.

Courses and Workshops

Participation in diverse courses and workshops about folklore subjects.


Educational service activities developed in schools and other institutions.

Gala de Folclore Maria Ascensão

The Grupo Folclórico da Casa do Povo da Camacha organizes the Gala de Folclore Maria Ascensão (Folklore Festival). This event has as main objective to honor all the components that have passed through the GFCPC throughout its years of existence. It takes the name of the one that was for many years the main face of the Group – Maria Ascensão Fernandes who, with her husband, Abel Policarpo de Freitas, for more than 4 decades guided this Group. The Folklore Gala takes place every two years, promoting the encounter of different cultures and peace among peoples.

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